About Fabwaste

FABWASTE is an India based sourcing platform connecting graders, recyclers and retailers around the globe to bring the best deal on textile waste and industrial cleaning clothes.

We offer end-to-end key solutions to buyer/importer and seller/exporter assist them right from sourcing, negotiating, inspecting and quality control and facilitate on time delivery as well.

We have experienced with many esteemed customers not just in India but all over the world.  We are sourcing a wide range of products at the most economical price points in varied categories like second hand unsorted collection, textile waste, Industrial cleaning clothes, discarded hotel and hospital linen and others.

Our team is a growing mash-up of creative business minds, techies, sales professionals, digital marketing people, and market researchers with a modern approach to problem-solving. We are able to deliver the right solution by listening and understanding your specific needs.

We are focused on working with established and trusted companies around the globe to ensure the business growth of our customers.
We act as a sourcing agent and able to deliver the right product by listening and understanding your specific needs. We have a proven record of delivering the perfect-suited supply products to our various customers.

We value each and every one of our customers, regardless of business size. Most of our customers are based on repeat orders. We strive to continually expand and improve the products and services to offer you the best.