About Us

About Fabwaste

FABWASTE iis the largest B2B sourcing platform for textile recycling and upcycling needs. We are connecting clothing collectors, thrift stores, processors, recyclers, upcyclers, and wholesalers across the globe to bring the best deal on categories across including unsorted raw material, finished goods, textile waste, industrial cleaning cloths, vintage, hotels/hospitals discarded linen, etc. 

We offer an end-to-end analytics intelligence approach to exporters/importers assist right through from products sourcing, negotiating, inspecting, quality control, and facilitating logistics and supply chain solutions as well. We have an extensive global network of vetted suppliers and buyers to optimize desired end results by the companies. 

Our technology and innovative solutions will help you identify new markets, more global reach, eliminate pain points, minimize risk and unlock utilization of resources and more value in the ecosystem.

Our team is a growing mash-up of creative business minds, techies, sales professionals, digital marketing people, and market researchers with a modern approach to problem-solving. We are able to deliver the right solution by listening and understanding your specific needs.

We are focused on working with established and trusted companies around the globe to ensure the business growth of our customers.
We act as a sourcing agent and able to deliver the right product by listening and understanding your specific needs. We have a proven record of delivering the perfect-suited supply products to our various customers.

Core Values

  • Integrity
  • Growth Oriented
  • Transparency
  • Loyalty
  • Be the next
  • Action Instinct


Our mission is to protect overflowing landfills by ending textile waste for a greener planet


Striving to optimize its goal of being the world’s most reliable sourcing company

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