An estimated 479 tones (approx. 14 kg per hotel bed) of hotel bed linen, kitchen textiles are in circulation in Columbus America with approximately 121 tones (approx. 3.5 kg per of new textiles purchased each year leading to 3000 tons of CO2 emissions during production. More than 90% of hotel textiles are leased. The textiles that hotels are most likely to own are uniforms for reception, bar and house-keeping staff. All bed linen and guest towels are leased or bought.

Most of linen manufacturing companies are actively promoting more durable textiles to hotels and attempting to find recycling and up cycling opportunities for discarded textiles. They also re-circulate bed linen that no longer live up to luxury hotels standards to mid-range hotels. Durability is central to leasing companies’ business models, whereas for luxury hotels in particular, comfort has higher priority. This can sometimes mean selecting less durable fibers such as 100% cotton.

Discarded linen that is no longer useful in their present condition due to some irreversible damage such as a permanent stain or simply wear and tear refers to the using of any discarded material for some other purposes such as re-use it to make dyeing and convert into color sheet. Other use of discarded hotel linen can be used as dust sheets, double bed sheet to single bed sheet and for industrial cleaning cloths.

We can source Hotel discarded bed linen includes White Bed sheets, White Towel, Color Bed sheets and others from USA, JAPAN, United Kingdom, through our network of collectors.

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