Unsorted Clothing

Every year, more than 80 billion articles of clothing are produced around the world, and more than 15 million tons of used textile waste is generated each year by the just United States alone.  In 2014, 16.2 million tons of textile waste was generated, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. Of this amount, 2.62 million tons were recycled, 3.14 million tons were combusted for energy recovery, and 10.46 million tons were sent to the landfill.

It may seem harmless to throw out unwanted clothes, these clothes are likely to then end up in landfills, where they pile up to produce toxic greenhouse gasses that are emitted into the atmosphere. As a leading cause of global warming, these gases are very dangerous for our environment and for our health as well.  One interesting fact is that 95% percent of used clothes are recyclable and 5% is unusable due to contamination effects.

The United States is the largest exporter of second hand clothing, followed by the UK, Germany and Netherlands.  These countries exports over a billion pounds of used clothing every year. Over 70% of world population use second hand garments and textiles, and growing considerably day by day.

The world largest importers of used garments are most of the African countries, more than 66% global collection of used garments imported by these countries every year.

At Fabwaste we are helping buyer/importer and seller/exporter around the world to source reuse garments of all kind, either your requirement is in sorted or unsorted forms. If you are looking for original untouched collection or sorted one, we are the experienced sourcing company to ensuring adherence to best quality and timely delivery of goods. We are directly working with verified Charities, Thrift shops and sorting units to get you top quality goods at guaranteed best price. Below are some of our products and services related to rewireable clothing, where we can source for you the highest quality goods around the world.

  1. Original collections
  2. Door to Door Collections
  3. Mixed & Institutional Collections
  4. Credential Collections


Our USP is end-to-end key solution for global buyer/importer and seller/exporter, right from sourcing, price negotiation, quality inspection, cost-effective shipping and timely delivery.

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