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The textile recycling industry is able to recycle 95% of the waste without the production of any new hazardous waste. or harmful products. Rest 5% is not recyclable and re-use. Fashion is the fastest-paced of all the industries and textile waste is the most important part of fashion. On average, 35% of all finished materials in the supply chain end up as waste before a garment or goods reach the consumer. This could be cutting waste, un-useable stock due to last-minute design changes, spoilage in transport, or excess stock that is not sold on the retail market and, at times, is incinerated by manufacturers. More another way can be recycled and made into new items such as new garments, fiber, insulation, padding for chair and car seat, blanket, carpet, yarn, and others. The sheer volume of textile waste flooding the globe means secondary markets for unwanted clothing are now closing or becoming too unprofitable to continue.

We help international and domestic importers source textile waste materials from processing units spread over developed countries like the USA, UK, Germany, Italy, Netherland, Poland, Cyprus, Tunisia, and Bulgaria.

Textile recycling reprocesses several environmental and economic benefits, such as reducing land and water pollution, minimizing dependence on virgin fibers, curbing usage of chemical dyes, and optimum consumption of energy and water. The global textile recycling market grew at around 19% during 2014-2019. Looking forward and further expects the market to continue its strong growth during the next four-five year.

The product categories specializing in the textile waste category are sweaters, denim, cotton, raw wool, acrylic, synthetic, feather, polyester, nylon, etc, which are reprocessed in fiber, blanket, and new garments. These materials we source from our large network of used clothes processing units and supply to spinning mills and garments manufacturers located in many countries. For India, textile waste materials can be imported only in 100% mutilated form as per government guidelines and policy. Below are some of our products and services related to textile waste goods where we can source according to your specified needs.

  • Sweater original and waste
  • Denim Waste
  • Feather
  • Color Cotton waste
  • White cotton waste
  • Leather waste
  • polyester waste
  • Raw Wool
  • Acrylic waste
  • Wool Body
  • Household waste
  • Winter clothes waste
  • Summer clothes waste

Our USP is end-to-end key solution for global buyer/importer and seller/exporter, right from sourcing, price negotiation, quality inspection, cost-effective shipping and timely delivery.

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